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Glaze on Piece by Mark Sturtevant fired to
cone 6 in Oxidation
8 FNR Glazes.jpg
Salt Fired to Cone 9 after Cone 10 Oxidation
Cobalt Glaze on 3 Clay bodies Oxidation to Cone 10
Sky Blue.jpg
Sky Blue Color Trials
Color  Trials
Cone 10
Cone 6
Designed Experiments

Glaze development starts with experiments designed to determine the impact of a set number of variables. In this study the variables are alumina and silica content with the flux (CaO) and colorant (CoO) kept constant. Standard Stoneware 153 Clay fired to cone 10 in oxidation.

Glaze over Slip
Glaze Exploration

Glaze exploration builds upon findings of the designed experiments extending beyond the original boundaries.  In this exploration, further excursions of Al2O3 and SiO2 were made in the CaO fluxed glaze (without the CoO colorant) and the tiles fired in a wood firing kiln to cone 10 in oxidation/reduction.

Glaze over Slip
Glaze Dots
Cone Blue Pottery

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